A FASHION designer has experienced the glamour of the capital at the first London Modest Fashion Week.

Saleha Bagas, founder of Bolton firm Salehabagas, set up an exhibition booth at the event held to promote modest fashion.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Lostock, believes she was the only North West designer who had an exhibition at the show.

She said: “It was really amazing and the event got loads of press. There were queues at the door.

“It’s interesting that there were women from all faiths who want to cover up. It wasn’t just Muslim women. There were people from different cultures and different backgrounds.

“And it wasn’t just UK brands, it was Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I had Malaysia on my right and Yemen on my left.

“I think being there not only gave me exposure, it also allowed me to see how the designers work. It was inspiring.”

The event at the Saatchi Gallery featured more than 30 designers from around the world who showcased their work on the runway and in adjacent booths.

It was attended by popular fashion bloggers including Dina Tokio, who is known for her Instagram posts and Youtube videos that have attracted millions of followers worldwide.

During the event, Mrs Bagas displayed a range of her designs including her evening lace jackets, dresses, capes, and over garments.

She also featured the new Covered in Freedom collection for younger girls, which was featured in Ms Tokio’s vlog on the event.

As well as allowing her to showcase her brand, Mrs Bagas said the event and the coverage it received has helped to put modest fashion “on the map”.

She said: “The experience was actually amazing because it’s nice to be part of something and not feel excluded because I’ve got a scarf on my head. It was like a big modest family under one roof — a big community.

“It was good that it was women from all different faiths and not having to compromise on their beliefs. They can still dress modestly.”

“It’s not just religion, it’s girls who want to cover up. It’s all about diversity and women. It’s not just Muslim women.

“It’s freedom for us. It’s an option, it’s up to us if we want to be covered.”