MINDLESS vandals wrecked a car and damaged a £50,000 motorhome – by covering them in wood glue.

Sally Pycock-McDermott was devastated after waking up to find her car and motorhome smeared in the glue on Anderby Walk, Westhoughton.

CCTV footage revealed that two youths had gained access to the building site opposite her property to steal the glue.

Mrs Pycock-McDermott, aged 60, who has only recently retired, said she had been saving up her entire life for the motorhome and couldn't understand why the youths did what they did.

With the help of a neighbour, Mrs Pycock-McDermott managed to remove the glue from the motorhome quickly, but it dried on the car so when it was removed it left the vehicle badly scratched.

Mrs Pycock-McDermott contacted the police and an officer came to visit her later on last week but said that there was little they could do with the CCTV due to the poor quality.

She said: "I don't condone someone breaking into a house to steal a television but at least there's a result for them, as they're getting something they can't afford and they don't deserve but they want it. I can't understand the mindlessness of this."

When talking to neighbours in the area following the incident she has also discovered that four cars had been broken in to in recent weeks.

Mrs Pycock-McDermott said that the vandals couldn't have been any older than 17 so appealed to any parents who may not be sure of their teenagers whereabouts that night to contact police.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 and quote crime number 81228Q/17.