A YOUTH club in Topping Fold which is single-handedly responsible for a 30 per cent drop in anti-social behaviour could soon be without a home.

B:easties Junior Youth Club began as a chill out club in 2010, operating out of East Ward Primary School before moving to the community library.

In its first 12 months, a survey by Greater Manchester Police reported a 30 per cent drop in anti-social behaviour in Topping Fold.

The club operates every Friday night between 6pm and 7.30pm. It was set up by PCSO Andy Bigland who is helped by a number of loyal volunteers.

Mr Bigland said: "It’s unbelievable the success it’s had.

"First of all it was a chill out club and we got enough volunteers to set B:easties up.

"We were getting about 50 kids turn up, it was a success.

"We were getting a situation where we were looking to move to it to where they could use computers etc, so we moved to the library and it just blossomed."

As a result of council budget cuts Topping Fold Community Library is earmarked for closure along with up to 10 others.

Bury Council is running a library review, where residents are being consulted on whether they would prefer to retain Bury, Ramsbottom and Prestwich Libraries plus a service wide team or these three and Radcliffe library with a smaller service team.

Bury Council was approached for comment but did not respond in time.

Mr Bigland is worried about the club's future and the future of the community without the library.

He added: "It’s the heartbeat of my community and it’s where I do most of my work.

"My residents who don’t want to come to the station or have me at their house will come and see me there.

"Around Topping Fold, most of the kids turn up and it’s great, it’s been a great youth club.

"We don’t have kids going round causing issues on the streets we have other issues sure but this gives them something to do every Friday."