A CHARITY has warned that food bank use has continued to increase across the North West.

The Trussell Trust runs food banks around the country, including one in Trafford Street, Farnworth.

More than 174,400 three-day emergency food supplies were given out by the trust’s food banks in the region during 2016.

This is up by more than 14,000 from 2015, when 160,048 supplies were handed out.

Of the supplies handed out in the North West during 2016, 58,7982 were in Greater Manchester.

In Greater Manchester, 23,054 of the emergency supplies handed out were to children.

David McAuley, chief executive at the Trussell Trust, said: “The move to simplify an often complex welfare system is a welcome one but any large reform can have unforeseen consequences. Foodbanks see first-hand how changes to the welfare system affect people on the ground, and so can offer an early warning to decision-makers. We are sharing our early observations with the Department for Work and Pensions.”