SINGER Danny Jones took centre stage — this time at his old school.

The McFly front man was back at his old school on Tuesday to inspire the next generation of musicians and artists.

The visit was made more poignant as he was speaking to young music fans at Thornleigh Salesian College the day after the horror at the Manchester Arena, a venue where he has performed.

Pupils at the school had been at the concert, but fortunately all escaped unharmed.

Danny, who is from Bromley Cross, had earlier tweeted: "Manchester in my thoughts this morning, music is meant to bring people together and give people joy and happiness. Not war.

"My thoughts go out to all families and music fans.

"Being on stage is the happiest most comfortable place, and to see fans' faces filled with happiness and joy is such a powerful thing.

"We need to stick together, we need to be strong."

Danny was back at the school with national charity Speakers for Schools to help encourage the next generation to achieve their ambitions as an artist by sharing his own experiences.

He spoke to 250 students about his lessons learned on resilience, hard work and finding support in those around him along the way. He also held a special workshop with GCSE music students, helping them perfect their performance of ‘Forever Young’ by Bob Dylan — the same song he performed in Year 11.

In open letter released earlier this month, Danny called for schools, parents and leaders to support arts and music in state schools as it is essential to British culture.

Danny said: "I am delighted to be working with Speakers for Schools. I think it's imperative that those of us who have had success in the industry give back to young people.

"One of the most powerful ways we can do this is by directly sharing the lessons we have learned and supporting their ambitions.

"By sharing how my journey unfolded I hope I can inspire other young people to be bold in pursuing their own path, whether it be in music or otherwise — and not to worry about failure or getting it wrong. That’s part of the journey."

Alison Burrowes, headteacher, said: "We are absolutely delighted to welcome Danny back to Thornleigh Salesian College.

"We are extremely proud of all that he has achieved since leaving here in 2002.

"We have very fond memories of him being involved in our school productions and shows. We are very much looking forward to him having the opportunity to share his experiences with our current students and allowing them insight into his successful career. We are committed to encouraging all our young people to foster their creative talents and are sure that Danny will really inspire them to follow their dreams and to be resilient when faced with the challenges that the world throws at them."

Robert Peston, ITV Political Editor and Founder of Speakers for Schools, said: "It is wonderful that Danny is giving practical advice to young people about how they can achieve their dreams and - importantly — make a living!"