FANS of real ale can now enjoy a permanent guest pint named after a local legend.

The Robert Shaw in Market Street, Westhoughton, has launched an in-house beer called Keaw Yeds, produced by Birkenhead-based Peerless Brewing Company.

Shift manager Sheena Pyper-Mann explained that people of Westhoughton are known as Keawyeds, which is Lancashire dialect for cow heads, and that the town is locally known as Keawyed City.

She said: "According to local legend, a farmer in Westhoughton found his cow had got its head stuck in a five bar gate and, rather than cut the gate, he cut the cows head off, as the cow was worth less than the gate.

"Peerless beers are very popular with our customers, so we worked with Steve at the brewing company to produce our own, called Keaw Yeds."