A 10-YEAR-OLD survivor of the Manchester terror attack is out of hospital and raring to get back to her horses.

Jaden Farell-Mann had just seen her idol, Ariana Grande, for the second time at the Manchester Arena, when killer Salman Abedi detonated his home-made bomb.

The blast broke both of Jaden’s legs, leaving shrapnel in them and in her torso.

Jaden said: “It feels normal just apart from being in a wheelchair.”

She has another hospital appointment on Thursday, which will determine whether she can move on to crutches and put weight on her left leg, which was the most badly damaged.

Her femur was broken and a metal nut lodged in her thigh.

After leaving hospital her father, Peter Mann, aged 41, lives in Gower Street, Farnworth, where his daughter visits every week.

Like many people in the aftermath of the attack, her father Peter Mann, aged 41, who lives in Gower Street, Farnworth, decided to get a worker bee tattoo. But his has a little twist.

The small bee on the inside of his left wrist sits above Jaden’s name, who had a hand in its making. Mr Mann wanted to involve her in the process and Vintage Tattoos in Higher Market Street was happy to oblige.

He said: “I thought if she made any errors it would add to it but, as it happened she did a really good job.”

Mum Sharon Stansfield also got a bee tattoo, specially drawn by Jaden.

During her two-and-a-half week stay in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital she was visited by a whole host of celebrities including footballers, royalty, soap stars and Ariana Grande herself.

Jaden said: “She was supposed to come in the morning but couldn’t come until later because of security for Prince William.”

Grande arrived later in the day and spent around 20 minutes with Jaden, signing her boot and giving her a sunflower.

Jaden said; “They told me it was Agüero coming and then she walked in. It was exciting.”

The keen Manchester City fan was also visited at her home in Denton, by her favourite player, Vincent Kompany and his wife Carla, who were ‘really nice’. While still in hospital, Jaden and other patients were visited by a long list of Coronation Street stars at Ronald McDonald House, including Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fizz.

Jaden said: “Some of them recognised me and walked straight over.”

Mr Mann praised McAlpine, who spotted Jaden, saying ‘you could tell she’s a genuine nice person’.

Since the attack, Jaden and her family have been inundated with wellwishers from all over the world, who have sent cards and gifts including teddies and even laptops.

Mr Mann wanted to thank all of those who had been so kind saying everything had been an ‘experience’, both the kindness of people and the challenges of pushing his daughter in a wheelchair.

He said: “I had no idea what goes on where you are in a wheelchair. Cars parking on pavements and people bumping into you.

Jaden said a lot of people would push in front of her wherever she was going.

Jaden has been off school during her recovery and has only just started going back part time to her Denton primary school.

In the meantime she has been visiting her horses Dusty and Blu, and cannot wait to ride again. And she has been relaxing in the company of some of her new friends — watching her favourite soap, Coronation Street.