BOXER Amir Khan has spoken of being detained at US airports because of his 'terrorist' name.

Khan talked about the impact of racial profiling at American airports as he opened up to award-winning US television broadcaster Larry King in an interview to be aired later this month.

The talk show host flew into London to interview the Bolton boxer about everything from Trump's travel ban to the possibility of taking on Manny Pacquiao in the ring.

Khan said: "I still train in America, I travel to America quite often and I always used to get pulled over because my name pops up as a terrorist name.

"They used to recognise me and they knew who I was and said, 'look Amir we apologise but have to do what the system tells us' and it kept happening and happening and, after a long 13-hour flight, you are stuck in the airport for another two to three hours.

"It does take a lot out of you so I met Hillary Clinton when I was in Washington. I was invited to an event there and I told her and she said 'look give me your details and let me try to help you, we'll clarify you are a safe person to travel.

"By putting this ban on I think it's only going to make so many people get frustrated. 

"I just think it is a little bit sad to see that people are not allowed, especially Muslims are banned from going to America, because there are so many of us who have families there and friends there.

"I go there to train and I would never like to come across a day when they said to me 'sorry Mr Khan' you cannot come to America because you're Muslim, that would hurt me so much because I do all my training over there."

Watch a clip of the show here

The Bolton News:

US television broadcaster Larry King

He described President Donald Trump as 'vocal' and said he liked Barack Obama better because he 'was amazing' and what he did for America was 'amazing'.

Speaking about his boxing career, Khan said he was back in the right shape and was looking to fight at the end of the year, possibly Pacquiao, but if not, a 'big name' in the American welter-weight division.

Season six of the Emmy-nominated series 'Larry King Now' will feature Khan on July 26 at and Hulu with Khan.