A MAN was taken to hospital after a carbon monoxide scare at his flat.

Firefighters were called to the property in St George’s Road at around 2am after a carbon monoxide alarm alerted a neighbour.

Crews managed to wake the man by banging on the door and took readings in the property

Levels of carbon monoxide gas were found in the flat and the man was taken to hospital to be checked over by paramedics.

Crew Manager Andy Bolton said: “Luckily the alarm sounded and the neighbour heard it, otherwise it could have been quite serious.”

The gas in the property was capped and repairs will have to be carried out before it can be turned back on.

Fire officers warned that carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless and urged people to fit carbon monoxide detectors and ensure appliances are serviced regularly.

Breathing in carbon monoxide can make people feel unwell and kill.

Watch Manager Neil Mercer added: “Many people fit detectors near boilers or gas fires and we would recommend people installing them. They can bought from stores like B&Q.”