A CIRCUS has defended itself after Animal Defenders International (ADI) called on people to boycott its shows.

The ADI claimed the Circus Mondao which is currently at Hunger Hill in Bolton used wild animals in its acts, which put the physical and psychological health of animals at risk.

However Circus Mondao immediately refuted the claims, and pointed out that the only animals they use in the shows are horses.

Petra Jackson, the ring mistress at the circus said: “The only animals we use are horses.”

“We are fully licensed and regulated and receive regular inspections.”

She said that the people of Bolton love the circus and everyone should go along to make their own decision.

An advertisement for the circus on Facebook promises horses, llamas, ponies, trapeze, wire walking, hula hoops and more.

The shows run from July 26 to August 6. Tickets are available on the day of the shows. For more information on the event call 07722 791777 or you can visit their Facebook page.