BAD drivers have been blamed for making Bolton’s roads a more dangerous place to be.

Residents in Darwen Road have spoken about the issues they face on the busy Bromley Cross thoroughfare.

It follows a number of serious crashes on the road since the start of this year.

The most recent incident saw the road closed off after a car crashed into a wall next to a bus stop in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The cause of the crash is not yet known but residents are concerned about the safety of the road.

Alex Greig, who lives on Darwen Road, said: “There have been crashes in the area because if you don’t know the area they can get caught out.

“It’s because of drivers not paying attention and the road surface is not that great, which makes it difficult for cyclist and motorbike drivers as well.

“There are two bad bends and there was an accident a couple of months ago which left a lad fighting for his life.”

Another resident, who asked not be named, added: “It is dangerous. Cars go too fast, it needs speed cameras.

“One of these days someone is going to get killed. It always takes someone getting hurt for something to be done.”

The incident on Thursday near Birtenshaw Methodist Church is being investigated by police.

It happened just 20 yards from a double car crash at the junction of Hough Lane in April which left 23-year-old Curtis Constantine in a coma.

In February a crash between Renault Clio and Hyundai Getz at the junction of Higher Ridings to Hospital Road also closed the road.

Bromley Cross councillor Norman Critchley said they had been taking measures to crack down on dangerous driving in the area.

He said: “The root cause of it are some people are so selfish and driving at ridiculous speeds.

“We have a procedure of radar speed checks in place and hope someday to catch someone.

“We take it very, very seriously.”