THIS is the moment a reckless fly-tipper launched an old sofa from a van roof by bombing it over a speed bump in Breightmet.

The motorist made no effort to retrieve the item after the apparently deliberate act in Ribble Avenue on Saturday, August 5.

Neighbours have reported seeing other elements of a matching three piece suit dotted about in nearby Bury Road.

A witness to the incident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “You can hear them rev-up to get a good launch and to be fair they got some good height. It definitely put the ‘fly’ into ‘fly tipping’, that's for sure.

“The mattress flew off too, at the end of the road as they cornered it.”

The footage was captured from a video camera originally installed to capture anti-social behaviour.

The witness added: “We'd had a fair bit if trouble with the house opposite being overrun with kids.

“The council had done a great job of clearing the vast majority of the house, making it less likely for the kids to be there. I'd set the camera up to see their looks of disappointment.

“I just got lucky and captured this. Crazy really.”

Bolton Council has now collected the dumped items.