YOUNG singers hit the right note when they took centre stage to record a CD.

Zac's Youth Bar, a charity providing activities and information for young people, worked with 200 children from six primary schools to record a new children's collective worship CD called Looking for the Wonder Wall.

Schools involved included All Saints CE Primary School, Farnworth, Kearsley West Primary School, St Gregory’s RC Primary School, Farnworth, St John’s CE Primary School, Kearsley, St Peter’s CE Primary School, Farnworth and St Saviour, CE Primary School, Ringley.

The CD was officially launched at St John the Evangelist Church in Farnworth.

A year group from each school learned up to 10 new songs, written specially for the project, before recording them.

Paul Saxon, schools outreach worker and chaplaincy officer for Zac’s Youth Bar and St John’s church, Farnworth, said: "It has been a really fun and exciting project to work on, from writing the songs, to hearing children’s opinions of the songs, to seeing them actually record in St John’s Church with Andy and Wendy Green from Cornerhouse Productions. All of it has been amazing!"

A competition was also held across the schools to design the front cover of the CD with more than 150 children submitting an entry. The winning designs were then transformed by a graphic designer into the front cover.

Mr Saxon said that the songs explore how people should see themselves 'as a masterpiece, remembering that we are loved by God, asking for strength to be brave in the difficulties we face in life' with the title track dealing with issues of mental wellbeing “World Full Of Wonder”.

Mr Saxon said: "The title track speaks about seeing the world with eyes of wonder, having hope and seeing the miracles that are around us in the every day.

"In today’s world, where there is so much suspicion, anger, unrest and anxiety, we need more than ever to be allowing ourselves the space to find the wonder in the every day, and that is exactly what this project aims to do."