THE son of a woman who was jailed for murdering her husband took his own life, an inquest has found.

Coroner Susan Duncan found that Dean Brewin died of asphyxiation at his home in Lindsay Street, Horwich on May 8 this year.

Recording a verdict of suicide Mrs Duncan said: “The evidence before me is that this was not a spontaneous act and indeed suggests Dean had made careful preparations. My deepest condolences are with Dean’s family and friends who will no doubt be devastated by their loss.”

Evidence from David Manser, Mr Brewin’s grandfather, was read at the inquest by Ms Duncan. It detailed how Mr Brewin’s father, Desmond, had separated from his mother, Sharon when he and older brother James were young children.

His mother had two daughters following the separation.

She married a man called David Edwards, in 2015 and the inquest heard it was a ‘turbulent relationship’ which ended when a ‘domestic incident’ resulted in the death of Mr Edwards in August, 2015. She was found guilty of murder in March last year and sent to prison.

Mr Brewin, aged 25, was admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital on April 10 this year after taking an overdose of paracetemol and ibuprofen.

The ‘impulsive’ suicide attempt’ had been brought on by feeling of ‘guilt and shame’ after he assaulted his girlfriend following a row over a night out.

He had also stopped her from seeking medical attention for the injuries he had caused her for a number of days, the inquest heard. She returned to her parents’ home and her father told Mr Brewin that there would be no police action but he would not be able to see her again.

While in hospital Mr Brewin was referred to the Bolton RAID team and he told mental health practitioner Susan Hargreaves that his mother had physically and mentally abused him and had kicked him out of her house when he was aged 17.

He discharged himself from hospital against advice, but was unable to restore relations with his girlfriend.

Mr Brewin was found dead at his home by the North West Ambulance Service on May 8 after concerns were raised about his welfare.