A WOMAN decided to tackle her fear of heights in one of the most extreme ways possible - by flinging herself out of a plane.

Joanne Kay, who is the manager of the MhIST charity shop in Moor Lane, Bolton, took the plunge on Saturday near Grange-Over-Sands.

She has always been scared of heights and an uncomfortable flier but decided to take on the challenge regardless.

Speaking about the day and how she felt, Mrs Kay said: "It was fantastic. It has gone really well.

"I was a little bit nervous in the day, a little bit anxious."

On arrival, Mrs Kay and colleague Mark Lamb, had to go through a 20 minute training session and then the waiting began.

They had to wait around three hours just to get up in the plane.

Mrs Kay, aged 46, said: "The nerves kicked in then. One you are in the plane though there is no going back. Once you're in the plane there is only one way to get out really.

"Jumping out was an amazing experience, it was breath-taking. I got a bit nervous as I saw my colleague go out the plane before me.

"It was incredible though. When you free fall you're doing about 120 miles per hour falling towards the ground, that is an experience. That is for about 9,000 feet and they release the parachute and everything slows down, that is when you get to see everything."

While falling out of the sky she could see the Isle of Man, Lake Windermere and Blackpool Tower.

She said that she has not been on a plane that many times in her life and as she got older she got more anxious but hoped that the skydive will help sort this.

The pair took part in the skydive to mark 25 years of MhIST, which provides mental health support in the area.

Mrs Kay said: "I wanted to challenge myself to mark the occasion. It was a very different feeling to be stood on something high up.

"It is 25 years of giving help to the public and people coming in and accessing help. e have worked really hard and we are ever expanding. We have all been trying to do different things as it is our anniversary."

Mrs Kay, who lives in Bradshaw, and Mr Lamb, who works as an independent mental health advocate, are still accepting donations as they head towards their target of £1000 each.

To donate to Joanne’s fundraiser, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jo-kelly9 and to donate to Mark go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mark-lamb