WE'VE had the cronut and the dagel, and now it's time for the croll.

Not content with their croissant/ doughnut and doughnut/ bagel creations, Asda staff have now decided to merge croissants and bread rolls.

But why I hear you ask? 

Well, the reason the supermarket giant gives is to avoid the pesky pastry flakes that can rain down from traditional croissants.

They say the croll has the same delicious taste and texture of a croissant with the structural hold of a bread roll to make it easier to slice and fill.

Emily Stevens, Asda’s Bakery Product Developer, said: “The croll is a revolution for pastry enthusiasts around the country. We’re constantly looking to innovate and make life easier for our customers, without expecting them to compromise on taste.

"Not only will you avoid leaving a trail of flakes behind, the croll is extremely versatile, not to mention delicious.

"My personal favourite filling is mozzarella, basil and tomato – it won’t fail to impress!”

The inspiration behind the brainchild from Asda’s bakery team was sparked on during a trip to the croissant capital of the world, Paris.

The team embarked on a culinary adventure around some of the best patisseries, sampling the finest pastries France has to offer, but leaving a flaky trail of mess behind them.

Asda’s new Croissant Roll will be available in Asda stores from Monday with a RRP of £1 for a packet of two.