BRAVE Kyle Buckley had a wish come true when he was visited at home by his idol, the TV star magician, Dynamo.
His mum Carol put out a plea on Facebook for help to make Kyle’s dream of receiving a video message from his idol come true.
The post went viral and the star was bombarded with tweets and emails asking him to send a video to the youngster.
But the big-hearted star went one better by taking the time to visit Kyle, aged 12 — who is battling the rare muscle tissue cancer Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.
Dynamo called Mrs Buckley from London to say he wanted to see Kyle at his Atherton home, and would travel up that day. When I was at home and my mobile phone rang, I just broke down in tears, I didn’t expect it at all,” said Mr Buckley. “He is a lovely guy.”
Mrs Buckley said Kyle’s reaction to the visit on Thursday brought a tear to her eye. She said: “Kyle is on a syringe driver now, on morphine, I didn’t know if he would really recognise him, but straight away his little eyes lit up. It was amazing to see him smile because we’ve not seen him like that for a good three weeks at least.”
Dynamo performed some of his mind-boggling illusions for Kyle, including card-tricks and making a cross he drew on his mum's right fist disappear and reappear on her left palm. He also made a ripped up letter come back together and on it had written the message ‘To Kyle, love Dynamo.”
Mrs Buckley added: “Kyle sat up and watched him do the tricks with a big smile on his face, we were all in tears, it was just amazing to see Kyle like that because we don’t know how long we have with my boy now.”
Kyle’s family had been hoping to find specialist treatment for his condition, but are now concentrating on keeping him as happy as possible.
Mrs Buckley said: “We just can’t find a treatment for him, we have searched the world , there’s just nothing they can offer Kyle with the cancer that he has and how far advanced it is. But he is a little fighter, he always has been.”