A HOMELESS man spent two days attempting to reunite a young woman with a bag she had lost on a night out.

Daisy Owen was enjoying a night out in Bradshawgate in Bolton town centre with friends on Friday when she misplaced her bag.

It contained her iPhone, purse, keys and her provisional driving licence.

A stranger had to pay for her taxi home and she gave up hope of seeing her possessions again.

The 20-year-old said: “I tried ringing my phone and just thought it was gone. Then I got a message from nowhere from someone I went to school with.

“They said there is a homeless man going round Bolton and he is looking for you and he is determined to find you to give you your bag.”

Miss Owen, from Breightmet, then came to Bolton to try and find the man, who is known locally as Paul, and get her bag back.

She went around the town asking groups of homeless people if they had her bag before she eventually found the group that the man was with.

Paul didn’t want other homeless people to know he had the bag because he was scared they would want to sell the items in it.

He was also concerned that if the police saw him with the bag they would think that he has stolen it.

Speaking of the moment Paul handed the bag over, Miss Owen, said: “He was over the moon.

“I didn’t think that I was going to get it back. He had gone to all this effort. When I found him he was walking to my address that was on my provisional.”

Paul had written a letter and put it in the bag stating his intentions so that if he was stopped by police he could show that he only ever wanted to give the bag back to its owner.

Miss Owen said that the events have restored her faith in humanity and has now set about trying to raise money for Paul.

He is currently residing in a hostel and she wants to ensure that he keeps a roof over his head as he did not take a penny from the bag and carried on begging over the weekend to feed himself.

Miss Owen posted the appeal on Facebook and it has been shared hundreds of times and has also got more than a thousand likes.

She wants to raise £800 to help Paul and has already got donations worth more than £350.

To donate to the appeal go to www.gofundme.com/get-paul-a-home