A DRIVER had an unfortunate fall as he tried to hurdle a fence while attempting to escape from police.

A video shows a vehicle being pursued down Cedar Avenue in Horwich in the early hours of this morning.

Footage from a police vehicle shows the car being followed at around 25mph down the road.

Despite the police car having its lights on, the pursued vehicle does not stop at first but as it approaches Brazley Community Centre the driver scrambles out of the vehicle.

The car continues to roll forward as he attempts to flee the scene but the driver then meets an obstacle.

He attempts to hurdle over a metal barrier but runs straight into it instead.

The man goes flying over but quickly finds his feet again and continues to run away from police.

He also seems to start losing his trousers and can be seen pulling them up as he feels the scene.

An officer then comes into view and starts chasing after the man who then escapes into darkness.

The car is seen to continue to roll forward while the man gets away.

The chase took place shortly before 1am and despite the agile driver fleeing, he can soon expect something in the post.

He had failed to stop for police as he had not paid his insurance.

Officers seized the car and a court summons has been sent to the man in the post.

Posting on Twitter, Greater Manchester Police Traffic officers said: "Clearly didn't do well at the hurdles at school either."

Traffic officers seized another vehicle in Farnworth last night as the driver did not have insurance.

It was seized in Plodder Lane and the driver thought that the insurance renewed itself.

A ticket was issued and the driver had to be picked up by his wife.