COMMUTERS were left stranded at Hall i’th’ Wood railway station this morning when two rush hour trains were cancelled.

Working mum Louise Kirby, of The Close, called The Bolton News in frustration after the 7.32am and 7.53am trains to Manchester failed to appear at the crowded station.

The 8.31am train arrived on time — but was so packed with passengers that none of the commuters waiting at Hall i’th’ Wood was able to climb aboard.

Mrs Kirby, a 38-year-old mum of four who works as an office manager in Manchester, said: “About 60 people were left trapped at Hall i’th’ Wood station. It’s just not good enough. I pay £96 for a monthly ticket.

“It’s like this every day, we are packed like sardines. They just don’t put on enough carriages.”

Northern Rail tweeted that there was a train fault between Clitheroe and Manchester Victoria and apologised for the inconvenience. They tweeted Mrs Kirby directly to say that they understood her frustration and were ‘building new trains’ to address the problem.