FIVE high-end cars were stolen from a garage in a burglary believed to be linked to a spree of break-ins across the north of Bolton.

Police are investigating after a gang of six burglars swooped at the SMB garage in Hypatia Street, off Bury Road, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They made off with five cars believed to be valued at around £150,000 as well as more than £20,000 of tools.

Officers told husband and wife owners Wes Simm and Vicky Fletcher-Simm that it is believed the burglary is linked to the recent spree in Bromley Cross, Harwood and Bradshaw.

One of the cars, a Mercedes E class, was recovered yesterday morning after it was used in a burglary in Bromley Cross.

As well as the thefts, the burglars caused damage to the garage and some of the other cars.

Mrs Fletcher-Simm said: “It looks like there was six of them, one of them was female. We have got them on CCTV.

“They have taken a significant amount of tools which are needed to run the garage.

“When talking to the police officer this morning he said there is a suggestion this is linked to the burglaries that have been going on in the Bromley Cross area. One of the vehicles has been used in that area overnight.”

Four of the cars taken and some of the tools have now been recovered.

The vehicles taken were a Nissan GTR, a Mercedes E Class, a Lexus IS, an Audi and a Citroen C4.

Mr Simm said: “The good side is that the other garages around here have said if we can do anything just ask us.

“I am gutted. I felt like saying I would pack it all in and I would go and get a job.”

The burglars first broke in to an outhouse office where they stole the keys to the vehicles and the garage before stealing the cars.

Mrs Fletcher-Simm said: “It is a family run business. I’m disappointed that people have so little regard for hard working people.”

Forensics teams attended the scene to look for fingerprints.

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote crime number. Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for a comment.