TWO sisters, one vision: to revamp the image of recruitment by putting people at the heart of what we do. Applying the internal model of recruitment to companies enables us to share our knowledge, and to help our clients to improve their own recruitment processes.

By using this model, businesses can avoid the considerable expense of agency fees or the productivity time of their own employees if they were to recruit in-house.

Our combined expertise, ability to get to know people, and the time we invest in both clients and candidates mean that we can whittle down the masses to find the perfect fit for any role, first time. Alongside headhunting first-class employees to fill vacancies, we advise clients on interview structure, how to write job specs and adverts, selecting job boards and databases, and how to improve their branding using social media and LinkedIn. Outsourcing the recruitment process to us means companies have more time and more money – and who doesn’t want that?

Whilst clients receive a professional service from us, like it or not, they are also on the receiving end of our wicked sense of humour as we believe that the working day can be both productive and fun. Who’d have thought?! We both possess different skills, but our commonality is that we love working with people, and Fresh Perspective’s philosophy is built around our own personal values; positivity, compassion and most importantly, treating people as we wish to be treated. Using our work and personal experiences to devise our own recipe for success, we are two ladies with an abundance of energy, knowledge, and passion for what we do. Despite being sisters, our personalities are very different, and the expanding Fresh Perspective team is growing to be just as diverse. Between us, we harbour several hidden talents, including bilingualism, social media wizardry, photography, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and rapping. We want to use our platform of Fresh Perspective to help causes we are passionate about, including tackling FGM and domestic violence, and promoting positive body image. So how’s that for refreshingly different?