FANS have welcomed moves to sell Bolton Wanderers Football Club — as long as the new owners are willing to invest heavily.

It was revealed that current owner Ken Anderson is willing to sell the club, with a price tag starting at £25million.

A glossy investment summary document has been produced by the club which outlines to potential investors how much it would take to buy the 94.4 per cent majority shareholding in Wanderers’ parent company, Burnden Leisure Limited.

The £25m package includes total ownership of the Macron Stadium, 40-acre training ground at Lostock, Whites Hotel and Premier Suite.

According to the document “all directors will stand down upon a successful takeover.”

It adds: “The company will be sold with no structured debt and just normal trade creditors outstanding.”

Daniel Izza, chairman of Bolton Wanderers Supporters says the move is welcome.

“It isn’t surprising that Mr Anderson may be looking to sell the club,” he said.

“We haven’t known what his intentions were because he hadn’t told anyone whether he is in it for the long term or short term.

“I would be happy for it to be sold so long as it went to the right person who had the community and the club at heart, wanted success and had the necessary funds to invest in the club, which has been deprived of investment for a long time.

“Everybody is pretty sick of the continuing financial scares and the lack of success and we are all crying out for some happier times.”

He added: “The idea that a new owner may be good for the club is not disparaging to Mr Anderson. He has done what he has done to keep the club afloat.

“But any investor who wants to take the club forward is going to need significantly more money than that to put it into the shape it was previously.”

Long-standing Wanderers’ fan Cllr John Walsh said: “Clearly the club needs investment and if a new buyer can come along and bring investment, that’s something all fans would like to see. There is an opportunity. Mr Anderson has made clear he wants to sell the club.”

Alan Houghton, chairman of Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Association says that a foreign buyer is needed to put the club in a strong financial position and foster success on the pitch.

He said: “We have to be realistic. We are still living month to month but Mr Anderson has made it a more attractive prospect.

“I think we are a good investment once we have sorted the debts out. We have got to be careful who comes in. If we’ve got a good foreigner who is investing then good luck.”

Mr Anderson’s company, Inner Circle Investments, initially completed a joint-takeover of Wanderers in March, 2016 with Dean Holdsworth’s Sports Shield.

He extended his share in May last year before completing a deal at the end of August to acquire shares from the liquidator who was appointed after SSBWFC was wound-up over the non-repayment of a £5m loan from BluMarble Finance.

The document listed Maidstone-based financial advice company Inspire Asset Finance as a contact point for investors - although Wanderers have vehmently denied their appointment and are now seeking legal and professional advice to have their details removed. 

For the company to be sold on debt free, financial obligations are due to BluMarble along with Michael James – a lifelong fan whose company Prescot Business Park Ltd entered into a commercial arrangement at the start of 2016 over land at the Macron Stadium – and former vice chairman Brett Warburton.

Wanderers have have confirmed the glossy eight-page investment summary document, marked private and confidential, was produced to showcase the assets available to prospective buyers or investors.

Mr Anderson has said on several occasions he would welcome outside investment if the right people could prove they had enough funds to take the club to the next level.

But in a statement published on Wanderers’ website Mr Anderson insists: “Nobody has been instructed or retained to sell the club.

“Over the last 12 months, we have received many enquiries from China, America, Canada, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the UK. This does not surprise me and is vindication of my previous comments. The club has a fantastic infrastructure and has a well-regarded history.

“The stadium, in its 20th year, is iconic and contains an award-winning hotel which has a thriving conference and events business as well as a high room occupancy.

“The stadium and our ancillary businesses are a truly 365-day operation which ultimately helps to drive revenue for the football club.

“As I have always said, if any individual or group is able to invest significant resources and has the club’s best interests at heart, then I will be willing to hold discussions with them.

“The sales document that has been referred to is what is generally known in corporate finance circles as a ‘teaser’.

“It outlines the value of the club and its assets. Obviously, any serious investor needs to have this information. The information is also required by financial institutions when looking at refinancing.

“Since I have been involved with the club, my aim was to get the club promoted back to the Sky Bet Championship and that was achieved at our first attempt during the very difficult circumstances of having to operate under a transfer embargo and the financial legacy we inherited.

“My job now is to try to ensure that we retain Championship status this season and continue to work towards achieving a sustainable financial model, and I am confident that with the continued support of our fantastic staff and supporters both of these tasks will be achieved.”