A HIGH speed chase wasn’t really an option for the driver of this old banger when they found the police on their trail.

Officers were engaged in a brief pursuit over a supermarket car park before the driver and a passenger decided to take their chances on foot instead.

The car had been spotted in Derby Street heading towards Trinity Street by officers.

Its exhaust was hanging off and PC Paul Ashworth from GMP’s special operations policing team described the vehicle as an ‘absolute shed’ and said that using it ‘put lives in danger’.

It turned into the Sainsbury’s car park and when requested to stop it made off.

The car was abandoned at the back of the shop and the two occupants ran off on foot.

PC Ashworth chased one of the men to the rear of the Peugeot garage, in Bridgeman Street, before he disappeared into a nearby industrial yard.

When officers inspected the car they saw that it only had two gears and a ‘slick front tyre’.

The car has been seized and will be crushed and inquiries are ongoing into the incident.

PC Ashworth said: “It’s frightening that a car in this condition was on a road. Fortunately there were no other road users around at this time and we’ll ensure that this vehicle will not be allowed on the roads again in this condition.

“If the owner doesn’t come forward to claim it back then it will be crushed. This car was an accident waiting to happen and inquiries are ongoing to bring the driver to account for his actions. Using a vehicle in such a dangerous condition puts lives in danger and it will not be tolerated.”

Pictures show the car in a sorry state of repair with parts damaged and worn.

The exhaust can be seen hanging off and tape has also been used to keep the car together.

GMP Traffic tweeted: “This skip on wheels was pursued across Sainsburys Bolton before being abandoned.

“Their trolleys are in a more roadworthy condition. Seized.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.