FIREFIGHTERS have been attacked twice in a week while responding to 999 calls.

The first attack was on Monday at around 8.15pm when firefighters were called to Holly Grove in Leigh.

When they arrived they found a mattress on fire in an alleyway, which they quickly extinguished.

Once the fire was out and they were leaving, the fire engine came under attack, with youths throwing small pieces of stone and cement at them and some of the pieces struck the fire engine, causing minor damage to the body.

On Tuesday, another 999 call was made to report a fire in the woodland area near to Cedar Road, Leigh.

On arrival firefighters found five wheelie bins alight and attempted to put the fires out and soon came under attack from youths throwing rocks at them.

No-one was hit as the firefighters were able to dodge the missiles while extinguishing the fires.

Once back in the fire engine, another volley of missiles was launched, striking the vehicle, again causing minor damage to the body.