COUNCILLORS have reassured residents that action is being taken to tackle ‘horrendous’ speeding through a village.

Concerns have been raised over speeding in Blackburn Road through Egerton, especially in regard to traffic coming into the village from Darwen.

As previously reported, a car exploded in the early hours of Sunday, October 8 when it crashed after being driven through the chicane near to the Cross Guns Inn.

An entrance gate to Egerton Primary School is near to the chicane and residents are concerned for their safety and that of pupils at the school.

They put their concerns before councillors at Bromley Cross Area Forum.

One Blackburn Road resident said: “It is absolutely horrendous. It is not just the early hours of the morning.”

Another added: “There is going to be a point where children are killed. This could happen at 3pm in the afternoon.”

Cllr David Greenhalgh urged residents to report speeding to police and to councillors so that they can build up a picture of the problem.

He said: “I have raised it with highways, but when we go to the council for speed measures we need evidence. We are not going to get action because of one idiot. But anyone who lives there knows there needs to be action with that road so we need people to be reporting things.”

Calls have previously been made for speed cameras on the outskirts of the village near Ciao Baby to slow drivers down.

Cllr Norman Critchley reassured residents that in the new year it is hoped a speed-recording sign will be put up near to the junction with Cox Green Road so that councillors have more evidence to try to get a speed camera.

Cllr Critchley said: “We need to find out how many people are speeding.”

PC Nicola Holt urged people to report any incidents of speeding through the village. and if they have any evidence to submit it to highlight the issue.

Cllr Greenhalgh said that he would look into organising a meeting with residents and highways as they try to get safety measures put in.