IT is a sad sign of our litigious times and an insult to our war dead when a Remembrance Sunday parade has to be cancelled because the police are afraid they may be sued.

Bolton Police have told organisers of Horwich's Remembrance Sunday parade planned for November 11 that they will have to pay for extra marshalls and street closures.

This follows an incident where another force was successfully sued after Brownies were injured by a driver who evaded a rolling road block used by police to marshall parades.

The Council has also upped its fees from £300 to £800 for road closures and organisers of the parade say they have no chance of raising £18,000 needed.

Other Horwich events and Remembrance Parades in Farnworth and Westhoughton are now at risk.

Of course people should be protected but to raise fees as the council has and for the police to force organisers to cancel for fear of being sued is outrageous.

The brave servicemen who sacrificed their lives did not think about health and safety issues or being sued as they risked their lives for their country.

For their memory alone everyone involved should make sure this parade commemorates those who selflessly gave their lives for our freedom.