A REVIEW into hormone pregnancy tests has been labelled a ‘whitewash’ by a Bolton MP.

Yasmin Qureshi has slammed a Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) report, which found that the use of the drug Primodos was not responsible for serious birth defects.

The shadow justice minister has now urged the Prime Minister to order a public inquiry.

She asked Theresa May on Wednesday: “In 2014 an inquiry was set up to look into the drug Primodos given to millions of pregnant women in the 60s and 70s which caused deformities, and documents showing a clear cover-up.

“Last week a report was published which was condemned by MPs across the House as being a whitewash and misleading.

“Will the Prime Minister meet the victims and order a public inquiry so justice can finally be done for these people?”

The CHM expert working group on hormone pregnancy tests (HPT) said the scientific evidence does ‘not support a causal association’ between the use of HPTs such as Primodos and birth defects or miscarriage.

The Prime Minister said the review was ‘comprehensive’ and ‘independent’, though she told MPs the conclusions were ‘hard to accept’.

Mrs May said the Department of Health was ‘focused on implementing the review’s recommendations which will strengthen detection and better communicate the risks of medicines during pregnancy’.