A NINE-MONTH-OLD sheep dog puppy was saved from a smoke-logged home by firefighters.

Jake the Border collie was rescued after neighbours spotted smoke at the bathroom window and called the fire brigade and Jake's owners.

Firefighters dealt with the cause of the smoke at the house in Ashley Avenue in Breightmet.

But when neighbours told them a puppy might be in the house, the crew went back inside and found Jake hiding under a table.

They carried him outside and gave him oxygen. Watch manager Pete Gray, said: "It was very smoky and Jake had breathed some in. He seemed fine and he was bubbly enough."

His owner, Jason Battersby said: "We've not had Jake long, we got him after we lost our other dog in January this year. When I got the call I instantly thought of him, I didn't care about the house, I just needed to make sure he was okay."

"Jake's lungs are full from the smoke and he has really sore eyes. He keeps trying to sleep but he can't because he is so bunged up. He has a course of painkillers to take so we are hoping he will be back to normal soon. We are really grateful that our neighbours spotted the smoke."

Jason and his partner Alison George work nearby and arrived home shortly after the fire service.

Mr Gray said the incident was an accident. A pan of oil had been left on a hob.