A MAN wanted in connection with a vicious murder in Bolton has been arrested in Poland.

Mateusz Madej, who police have described as 'dangerous', went on the run after he was arrested over the killing of Sebastian Zuchlinski in February last year.

After being released on bail, Madej, who is originally from Poland, failed to return to be questioned.

Madej, is believed to be one of four men who ambushed and hacked and stabbed Mr Zuchlinski to death in Davenport Street, off Topp Way.

Tomasz Bubrowski, aged 39, was sentenced to 31 years in prison earlier this year after a jury unanimously found him guilty of the murder.

Madej, aged 23, had been on the run for more than a year when he was arrested in Krakow on November 14.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "We are aware of the arrest of Mateusz Madej in Krakow.

“Madej remains wanted by GMP in connection with the murder of Sebastian Zuchlinski in Bolton and the subject of a European Arrest Warrant and we will continue to liaise with the Polish authorities.”

A European Arrest Warrant is valid throughout all member states of the EU and once issued requires another member state to arrest and transfer a criminal suspect or sentenced person to the issuing state so that the person can be put on trial or complete a detention period.

Zuchlinski, aged 39, was ambushed in the street and suffered at least 17 wounds to his head, body and limbs during the vicious assault.

His thumb was chopped off, a stab wound to the head was so forceful it fractured his skull and a 15cm-deep wound to the chest cut into two ribs and a lung.

During Bubrowski's trial, the prosecution said the defendant was one of four men involved in the murder.

Mr Zuchlinski, who was also originally from Poland had been at home with his girlfriend, Anna Bubrowska in Vernon Street, Bolton when they decided to go out.

Miss Bubrowska's sister, Beata Brzeleinska, offered to drive Mr Zuchlinski to a friend's house to borrow some shoes.

The pair walked to her Citroen C2 car parked around the corner in Davenport Street but, almost immediately after getting in they were ambushed by men who screeched to a halt in front of their vehicle in a silver coloured Honda Civic.

The trial heard how four people, all wearing balaclavas, began hitting the roof and bonnet of the car and how three of them went to Mr Zuchlinski's side of the car and the fourth man, who was holding a machete, tried to open Miss Brzeleinska's car door, which she had locked.

Following the killing, Bubrowski headed back to his home in Cavendish Gardens, Bolton, with Madej to collect some possessions before the two men drove to Madej’s home at City View Apartments in Highclere Road, Salford.

An eyewitness, Naseran Iqbal, came across the men in balaclavas attacking Mr Zuchlinski and saw him attempting to crawl away.

She sounder her horn and when she got out of her car the attackers fled and she went to try and help Mr Zuchlinski.

A Crimewatch appeal in September last year described Madej as 'dangerous' as police tried to track him over the murder.

Mr Zuchlinksi was an amateur cage-fighter originally from Koszalin in north Poland.

After his death tributes flooded in and flowers were left near where he died.

Two other men are still wanted in connection with the murder.