A MESSAGE pleading for help and branding staff as ‘evil’ was delivered to a bemused Bolton family.

Thirteen-year-old Alice Dorsett discovered the shocking note on an invoice inside an Amazon delivery containing a gift from her family.

Mum Kim Dorsett, from Farnworth, said: “My partner ordered her a make-up Christmas advent calendar and had it delivered in her name. It included a note inside saying ‘love from mum and dad’.

“When she looked at the note she asked what it meant and I thought maybe it was the delivery driver having a joke, but the the invoice was inside the package.

“The note has worried my daughter. She wants to be an animal rights lawyer when she’s older and wants to be able to help someone if they are in terrible conditions.”

The full note reads ‘Help me please PMP staff are evil’.

The 32-year-old mum-of-two posted a picture of the message – which she believes is printed onto the invoice through a machine – on the Amazon.co.uk website, asking the company to confirm if it is a prank.

She has also emailed the online retailer and PMP, which recruits for and works with Amazon, but has yet had no reply.

Since posting the message on Facebook she has also received messages both supporting her story and some accusing her of making it up.

Ms Dorsett adds: “It doesn’t bother me if people think it's fake, I don’t have time to make up stuff like this and did not even know who PMP were until we got the note.

“I just hope no one gets in trouble or sacked for writing the note if it is true.

“You wouldn’t expect something like that to happen in the UK. You don’t like to think there is someone working in sweat shop. It’s shocking.”

A spokesman for PMP said they had not received any complaints 'of this nature'.

They added: "We do however take such comments extremely seriously and will be investigating in conjunction with our client.

"PMP Recruitment employs over 100,000 people across a range of clients, many of whom have stayed with us for a number of years or return each year during our peak trading period, so we do not recognise the comment made as being an accurate or fair representation of the employee experience we provide."