A HEARTLESS burglar stole a necklace made from the ashes of an inspirational teacher and other jewellery she had given to her best friend's family.

The house was left trashed before the highly sentimental items were taken and the burglar fled.

St Peter and St Paul's RC Primary School teacher Jenny Crouch lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis in February last year aged 34.

Some of her ashes were turned into a necklace for her childhood friend Louise Donlan

Mrs Donlan was out with her three young children in the early evening of November 27 when the house, in Avonhead Close, Horwich, was raided.

Her husband, Mark, arrived home at around 6.45pm and found the French doors at the rear of the property had been smashed and when he looked inside several rooms had been ransacked and items including jewellery and laptops had been taken.

Mrs Donlan said: "The necklace is not worth anything, why would someone want that? But to me it is everything.

"I just thought how dare someone go through our stuff. I just want them back."

There are three pieces of jewellery that Mrs Donlan is desperate to get back and is appealing for anyone who may know where they are to contact police,

The necklace is silver and has a pendant with a red ruby in the middle and has an inscription saying 'Don't Stop Me Now' - after the Queen song.

The other two items are a silver bracelet, given to Mrs Donlan's daughter at her Christening by Miss Crouch, who was her godmother, inscribed with 'GDD 07/07/13' and a golden necklace with a golden cross given to Mrs Donlan's daughter by Miss Crouch's mother after she died.

Police confirmed they are investigating the burglary.