WHEN we picked last week’s picture we thought it was an opportunity to make this section of Looking Back a little more difficult for our readers.

We were wrong though as a number of you knew exactly where the photograph was taken.

Margaret Haslam tells us that the two people on the tractor were Billy and Leonard Yates from Earles Farm and the building in the background was the White Horse Pub.

Other people with the correct answer included George Horrocks, Brian Ottley, Len Mills who actually ran the pub, David Worthington and Fred Ramm.

Stephen Jones says he knows where it was taken as when he was collecting the family cat from Earls Farm Cattery earlier this year “the owner showed me this picture which is hung on the fireplace in the farmhouse. The tale he told me about it was that it was his father or grandfather on the picture although I can’t remember which one”.

If you know where this week’s picture was taken contact 01204 537269 or gayle.mcbain@nqnw.co.uk