A HUGE brawl involving up to 40 revellers broke out at a town centre nightclub.

The melee reportedly began as a fight between two women on the upper floor of Bamboogy, in Bradshawgate, at about 3am yesterday.

But as door staff attempted to separate the pair, two men, believed to be the women's partners, waded into the altercation.

The situation then quickly escalated.

At the height of the brawl some 40 people were said to have been involved as punches and beer-filled plastic pint glasses were thrown, while clubbers pushed and shoved each other about.

Police made a number of arrests and two doormen were reportedly hurt as they tried to bring the situation under control.

One eyewitness, who was enjoying a night out with his girlfriend when the fracas broke out, told how the venue descended into chaos.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “At the top bar two women were fighting – that’s what started it.

“The doormen got involved to try to split them up, but then their partners got involved and started fighting with the doormen and then their friends got involved.

“There were about 15 or 20 people involved by this point. Everyone was fighting and getting shoved and punched. They joined in even though they weren’t part of the argument, but were punching back.

“Later there were about 30 people fighting and brawling upstairs and about six doormen trying to deal with it, but they were outnumbered."

The clubber, who was not involved in the trouble, described the brawl as ‘ruthless’.

He added: “Beer was being chucked everywhere. There were lots of girls screaming and lads shouting. Plastic cups being thrown everywhere, people were throwing full cups at each other.

“Punches were being thrown left, right and centre.

"People who had drinks in their hands were getting shoved so they were chucking their beers in the air. It was like New Year's Eve when people throw champagne in the air."

The man also claims a car pulled up and the occupants got out and 'battered a doorman', in what he suspects was 'a targeted attack'.

"I think someone inside might have made a phone call and said 'get down here," he said. "They jumped out of the car, battered him and shot off."

It is believed the doorman required hospital treatment as a result of the attack.

The clubber praised the door staff for doing what they could to contain the brawl before police arrived.

He said: “You get these little fights on nights out, but nothing like that.

“If it was not for the doormen acting so fast and doing what they had to do, it could have ended a lot worse."

The club continued to play music and remained open after police arrived.

Police confirmed the incident took place and that a number of arrests have been made. The Bolton News has contacted Bamboogy for a comment.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.