TENSION is ‘heating up’ between residents and the developer of a controversial new housing development, a ward councillor says.

Galliford Try is building 25 new affordable homes near Park Road in Little Lever for housing association Great Places.

Cllr Sean Hornby, who represents the area, says residents accept the scheme is going ahead, but are angry about the way Galliford Try is handling the project.

He adds that the decision not to widen Park Road prior to work beginning has led to the traffic problems residents had warned of.

He said: “One of the residents had gone to work in their wife’s car rather than their transit van. A delivery vehicle couldn’t get through so they’ve rung the police and they said ‘shift it or we’ll put a ticket on it."

Cllr Hornby said the police were on the scene within 15 minutes and added 'the tension is heating up between residents and the developer'.

The UKIP group leader that the site cabin which was meant to be moved within the construction area after three weeks, remains in place some three weeks later.

He said: “The residents opposite are having to sleep in the back bedroom, it’s making them ill. If you go into their front room you can smell the diesel coming off the generator and one them has asthma. They’re both elderly and it’s making them both very ill.”

Cllr Hornby claims attempts to create a dialogue with Galliford Try have fallen on deaf ears.

He added: “We’re trying to communicate with them but they’re not listening, and our strategic housing are just paying lip service. We’re just fighting a losing battle, but they’ve got to understand that people are living in these houses.

“It should be minor disruption. There are certain aspects they accept, for example the piling going on at the moment is going to take three weeks, but they’ve also agreed they would not do deliveries within school day and are blocking the road all the time.”

Cllr Hornby also claims Galliford Try workers park in residents bays and intimidate residents by ‘staring’ into their homes.

And Cllr Hornby has also criticised Great Places, whom the homes are being built for.

He said: “I’m very disappointed that one of the council’s main housing associations, who I usually have some great comments for, is really letting itself down with this site.

“It’s just a complete shambles and had some of these issues been addressed properly when it went through planning process – widening the road for example- we would not have had these problems."

Cllr Hornby, who also claims workmen intimidate residents by 'staring' into their homes added

added: "The people who complain are not the usual, vocal people. Residents are quite cheesed off really, but they understand we are doing what we can do."

He is now is now demanding a meeting with Galliford Try and the council’s strategic housing officers in the New Year.

Nick Gornall, head of development at Great Places, said: “Great Places are working closely with Galliford Try Partnerships to ensure that local residents are being provided with updates on site activities, and that disruption to residents is kept to an absolute minimum.

“There is a full traffic management plan in place, with a banksman monitoring and guiding deliveries into site. Care is being taken as far as possible to limit damage to verges off site, any damage will be put right and delivery drivers are being advised in advance about the constraints of the site."

He added that the partnering firms aware of the problems relating to the generator and plans were put in place to move it further into the site before Christmas, while sound barriers were put up to 'dampen the noise'.

He said: "Unfortunately there have been delays with a third party in getting a temporary electrical connection to the site, which has meant the generator has had to be on site for longer than initially anticipated. It is hoped that this connection will be live early in the new year so the generator can then be removed from site completely."