IT'S always a cause for celebration— but for these babies New Year's Day will be doubly special.

While people were celebrating the start of 2018, mums were welcoming in the world their own bundle of age at the Royal Bolton Hospital Princess Anne Maternity Unit.

Halle May Conway was determined not to miss out on the party and was born just 11 minutes after midnight — days before her due date of January 14 — to be the first baby born in the new year at the hospital. She weighted 6lbs 8 1/2 oz.

She is Rachael Pollard and Danny Conway's fourth daughter and the sister of Kelsey, aged 13, Leona, aged 10 and Lola Jade, aged six.

Miss Pollard, aged 30, who lives with her family in New Bury, Farnworth, said: "My other three were late so it was nice to have a baby early and I think she was determined to be the first baby on New Year at the hospital.

"It's amazing to have a baby on New Year's Day. I had a feeling she may be born on New Year's Day when my daughter brought home a 2018 calender from school and the first picture was of fireworks. I thought that was a signal.

"Her middle name is May because both me and her dad have our birthdays in May.

"New Year's Day will be a extra special day."

Celebrations continued for proud parents Megan Knight, aged 21, from Chorley, and Darren Reigne receiving the best present ever.

Chester Reigne, was born at 4.10am weighing 7lbs 11oz.

Miss Knight said: "He is my first and should have been born January 9.

"He is the best present I will ever have — he was worth every bit of pain.

"He's gorgeous."

This year is already proving to be one special year for Amy Howe and her family who live in Heaton.

Miss Howe, aged 30, had Evie Birtwistle at 4.58am causing more excitement than usual among her siblings, Jack, aged 12, Joshua, aged nine, Alfie, aged eight, Maisey, aged five and Tia, aged five — and of course dad Michael.

Miss Howe said: "I will be getting married this year.

"She was supposed to born on December 29 but I think wanted to make an entrance.

"New Year's Day will be busy and lovely from now one, we will have a bigger party."

The children cannot wait to meet their new sibling — and will help but not change dirty nappies.

Proud parents Deborah, aged 29, and Chukwuemeka Ezenwilo, aged 34, were all smiles after the arrival of their daughter Stephanie at 7.11am, weighing 6lbs 8oz.

Her due date was Boxing Day.

Mr Ezenwilo, who lives with his family in Swinton, said: "It is a fantastic day and it is a great start to the New Year, it's been brilliant. She is beautiful, and charming."

Mrs Ezenwilo added: "She is our second, we have a son Stephen, aged two. He has been saying baby and now will see her.

"I was in church the day before and came to hospital at 2am. She wanted to join us."

Beautiful Eleah Naylor was born at 5.47am to Jessica Howard, aged 19, weighing 6lbs 3oz.

She is Miss Howard's and Jake Naylor's first baby.

Miss Howard, who lives in Westhoughton, said: "She should have been born on Boxing Day.

"We celebrate New Year's eve but had not made any plans this years — now it will be her day."