NEW Year's Day has been revealed as the worst day for people being caught drink-driving.

Figures show that on January 1 2017 119 people failed a roadside breathalyser.

This is more than double the second highest figure, the 54 recorded on May 7 2017.

New Year's Day has been the worst for drink-driving for the past four years.

The figures have been revealed by, which also carried out a survey of drivers.

It revealed that one in four drivers have driven the morning after a night out, despite thinking they are still over the limit.

Of those caught out for drink-driving, almost a third did so the morning after drinking.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “New Year’s Day is a fresh start for a lot of people, but unfortunately some drivers are starting the year the wrong way.

“The fact the most offenders are consistently caught on this day suggests drivers are getting behind the wheel while they’re still over the limit from seeing in the New Year the night before. Alcohol can take a lot longer to leave the body than expected, so has created a morning after calculator which gives an indication of when alcohol should have left your body.

“We don’t expect drivers to give up alcohol on New Year’s Eve, but we strongly advise they plan their night sensibly and make sure they are leaving enough time between drinking and driving the next morning, to eliminate the slightest chance they might still be over the limit.”

The other days where the most people were caught drink-driving nationally last year were August 26, with 44, May 21 with 43 and April 23 with 42.

The Christmas and New Year period sees an increase in people being caught behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

Greater Manchester Police looks to tackle this by carrying out its annual campaign.

The None for the Road campaign aims to save lives and prevent serious injuries and officers carry out extra patrols throughout December.

In the first half of the month more than 150 people were arrested on suspicion of drug or drink-driving.;

Motorists caught over the limit face at least a year’s driving ban, criminal record and a fine of up to £5000.

If you suspect anyone is driving under the influence of drink or drugs, contact the police immediately on 101 or 999 if they pose an immediate threat.