THIS is the hilarious moment a barmaid and a pub regular go flying after jumping on to a wooden desk in an attempt to break it.

Hapless duo Gabriella Magari and pal Kev Mottershead were caught on CCTV attempting the foolhardy task outside the Church Hotel, in Farnworth.

Garbiella, aged 25, was breaking up the old desk to use it as fuel for the pub’s fire, rather than sending it to the tip.

After removing the legs off the desk she persuaded Kev, who was enjoying a drink in the bar, to help her break up the top of it.

She said: “We usually have an axe lying around – but not that night.

“I had the top of the desk, but it really wasn’t for snapping. I said to Kev – our most regular regular – ‘come and jump on this with me’.

He said ‘It’s not going to snap, that’ I said ‘it will, of course it will' – but as everyone can see, it didn’t

“I hit the floor and immediately started laughing, as I knew it would be on our CCTV. The first thing I did was.”

Gabriella recorded the CCTV footage on her phone and showed it to pub regulars who found it ‘hysterical’.

But she has been left stunned by how the video has taken off online.

After posting it on Facebook the footage went viral – being shared the popular Archbishop of Banterbury page and amassing more than one million views in total.

She said: “It was going from 6,000, to 15,000 to 200,000 views, people were tagging people into it to say ‘look at this funny video’.

“I’ve seen people sharing it saying ‘look at these two donkeys’.

I think it’s a funny video, but I didn’t anticipate it. It’s just funny seeing people writing about this funny video on Facebook . It’s been a bit mad recently.”

And while Gabriella was in ‘fits of laughter’ after the dramatic slip, she was left with a bruised her hand, arm and elbow once the pain subsided.

The drama graduate added: “We will never know if Kev if was hurt, he is too ‘hard’ to mention it!”