COFFEE drinkers were stirred yesterday when it was brought to the nation’s attention that disposable coffee cups are not generally recyclable.

The revelation follows news that Recycle for Greater Manchester has launched a scheme to save money and waste by encouraging residents to recycle the right things in the right bins.

Although commonly placed in paper and card recycling bins, coffee cups can only be recycled at specialist facilities — due to a polyethylene lining.

Zoe Keatinge, from Manchester recycling firm Viridor said: “Putting the wrong stuff in the wrong bin has a big impact.

“The only way to remove non-paper items is for our team to hand pick through the material — it’s a time-consuming and costly exercise.

“Things that are mixed materials — like coffee cups coated with wax — just don’t break back down into fibres properly and aren’t wanted in paper recycling.”

Last year over £640,000 was spent disposing of items incorrectly put into paper and card bins in Greater Manchester, it has been revealed.