A LABOUR councillor has resigned, saying that time constraints mean he cannot be fully committed to the role.

Asif Ibrahim, who has represented Farnworth on Bolton Council since 2012, has stepped down due to the pressures of balancing his role as a councillor with a full-time job and his young family.

He has been replaced on an interim basis as the council’s cabinet member for adult services by Cllr Madeline Murray.

Mr Ibrahim said: “I have found that over the last year, the various demands upon my time have been growing steadily and it has become all the more difficult to balance a young family, a full time job, and the responsibilities of an elected member. Though I have worked hard to ensure I continue to discharge my responsibilities fully, I can only envisage these pressures will increase.

“It is only right that I hold myself to the high expectations I have set myself, and rather than finding myself in a position where I am unable to discharge those duties fully, I have come to the conclusion that it would be both right and proper to step aside and allow another person who is able, to do so. The residents who elected me deserve nothing less than total commitment to the role.”

Labour leader Cllr Linda Thomas praised his ‘diligence, expertise, and loyalty’.

She added: “His sharpness and perceptiveness for issues and his love for our borough and our people was unmistakable. He was a great support for me in particular.

“He should be proud of his work with staff and partners during his time, espies lead the way on a lot of positive work at a very difficult time, like the Dementia Alliance. I have wished Asif the very best for the future.”