FURIOUS residents say they are fed up with a faulty manhole cover that is driving them mad.

Every time a car drives over the wobbly manhole cover in Bradshaw Brow, neighbours living on the busy road are forced to endure a loud bang.

Despite complaining about the problem a month ago, Virgin Media engineers have still not been sent out to make repairs.

Edward Corley, aged 80, is demanding that action is taken after losing patience with the hundreds of cars driving past his house to get to Bolton or Canon Slade School.

He said: “I am fed up with complaining to the highways department and nothing being done about it. This thing makes a hell of a noise.

“From 5am or 6am there are hundreds and hundreds of cars coming past our house and going over this manhole cover. It is really becoming a nightmare for us. It is only 10 or 15ft from our front door and the noise is really loud.

“Whenever I ring the council, they say that they have contacted Virgin but nothing has been done about it.

“I have been making inquiries since the beginning of December, but the problem has been there for months.”

Bolton Council’s highways team have referred the complaints to Virgin Media, but have also been left in the dark as to when repairs will be made.

Mr Corley added: “ Every morning we hear every single car that is going towards Bolton from Bradshaw and Harwood.

“When its busy, the situation is absolutely awful.

“We aren’t the only ones who are unhappy – all of the neighbours are complaining. Surely the council and Virgin should be able to come up with some kind of solution between them.”

A council spokesman said: “We have reported this to Virgin Media and we have contacted them a number of times to find out when it is due to be repaired – we are awaiting a response.”

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said: “We are aware of an issue affecting a manhole cover and will be carrying out corrective works this week to resolve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."