WHEN not in school, headteacher Julie Hignett can be spotted out running as she helps to get across the message that a healthy mind and body equals success.

Miss Hignett, who sometimes even runs to work at Brownlow Fold Primary School, has signed up to RED — run every day — January to raise funds for the charity Mind, which campaigns for better mental health.

The initiative is designed to boost mental and physical health.

At the same time, she is inspiring youngsters in her school, which she said puts ‘good and emotional wellbeing and mental health’ at the heart of its culture and ethos so children flourish and achieve academically.

Miss Hignett said: “I am running between two and five miles each day.

“I am running all over really as I have to try and fit it in with work and childcare.

“For example, yesterday I ran to work and got changed once I got here, and over the weekend I ran near to my parents’ home so they could watch the children for me while I ran.

“It varies each day, dependent on the needs of my family and school. At weekends I try to get up before the children and my partner so it doesn’t impinge on family time.

“It’s actually a lot harder than I had anticipated, as there is no rest day at all and I ran quite a lot in December.

“I’m not new to running. I have run on and off for a couple of years but started properly while on maternity leave with my youngest child Kai. I bought a running buggy and used to run with him every day to coincide with his nap time.”

Pupils will also join their head, who they are supporting throughout the challenge. She said: “The staff and pupils have been extremely supportive.Year Six pupils are keen to link this with their science work. They estimate how long it will take to do laps of the playing field, and how fast my pulse will be before and after running.”

“One of the teachers has made me a jar of motivational quotes that I read either before or after a run and that has really helped to keep me focussed on the cold, wet and windy days.”

She added: “I fundamentally believe in emotional and mental wellbeing and think that we all have a duty to care for ourselves as well as each other and that this is very much in the interests of our pupils.” The school is staging a non-uniform day this month to boost funds for the charity. To sponsor Miss Hignett visit justgiving.com/fundraising/julie-hignett-cheung1