PARENTS are being reassured that a well baby clinic will re-open later this month.

The service based at Bromley Cross Library was cancelled on December 27, causing alarm among local people.

The clinic at which parents can have their babies weighed and seek advice from health visitors closed because of staff sickness.

Lynne Barnes, acting divisional director for the families division at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust said:"The decision to temporarily suspend the Bromley Cross Well Baby Clinic was due to an unexpected, short term staffing issue.

"The difficult decision was taken in order to be able to continue to safely deliver our range of health visiting services across Bolton.

"In place of Bromley Cross, families can attend clinics at The Valley (Crompton) Start Well link site. and be seen by the same health visiting team at the same time as they would have at Bromley Cross. There is also an additional clinic in place at Oldham’s Children’s Centre and Tonge.

"It is hoped that the clinic will be re-opened by next week, January 24.

"We apologise to any families who have been inconvenienced by this unavoidable move of service."

Local councillor David Greenhalgh, who is also Bolton's Conservative leader, contacted Bolton NHS Foundation Trust after concerns were raised about the closure — made without notice.

He stated on his Facebook Page: "Neither councillors nor council officers had been informed of the changes, which is unacceptable, and no consultation had also taken place on the changes.

"The officers know I am not happy that there has been no communication with officials, and are also know in no uncertain times that myself and residents will not accept any form of permanent closure of this service, which as I say above, I am told was never the intention.

"However, I have now had communication from key officers at the council and hospital, and the well baby clinic is temporarily 'on hold' due to a short term staffing capacity issue.

"The plan is for the baby clinic service at Bromley Cross Library to re-open on Wednesday, January 24.

"This is dependent upon a member of staff returning to work following a period of sickness."

He added: "I have once again expressed my concern over the lack of communication; and health officials have asked that I pass on their apologies to users of the service for any inconvenience caused during this time."