A MEDICAL centre has been awarded a good rating for the safety of its services.

The Care Quality Commission undertook a focused inspection to assess safety at Mandalay Medical Centre, in Sharples.

The Blackburn Road practice was previously rated 'requires improvement' under this category in relation to water checks.

Now, it has received a good rating across the board.

Chief inspector of general practice, Professor Steve Field, said: "This inspection was a desk-based review to confirm the practice had made the required improvements.

"The practice is now rated good in all domains."

Following an inspection in November, 2016, the practice was rated good, with a 'requires improvement' rating in the safe domain.

Staff were yet to receive face-to-face fire safety training, no fire drill had ever taken place at the practice, and concerns were also raised over the lack of legionella checks on three water outlets.

At a focused inspection in August, 2017, the CQC found that some improvements had been made but they identified areas that needed further improvement.

In the most recent report, Prof Field said: "Legionella checks were carried out on water outlets set out in the legionella risk assessment.

"The practice had taken action to ensure that the water temperatures recorded were acceptable.

"Fire drills were now being carried out by the practice and documented, and all staff had received fire safety awareness training."