A BOLTON rapper has released his debut single.

G.Smallz, aka George Smalley, aged 23, from Prestolee, released his single Clues? on January 12.

Although he has been making and releasing music for over a decade, the single is his first under this alias.

As yet unsigned, G.Smallz's recent music videos have clocked up thousands of views on youtube, and his latest for Clues? features visuals shot in Bolton town centre.

Mr Smalley said:"I am over the moon with how the single turned out, I had a vision from the start of how I wanted it to sound, and we created that thanks to my engineer whYjay, a very talented Manchester lad.

"The single comes off the back of 12 months when I have released music, but I didn't release anything properly in 2017.

"In 2016 I bought myself a set up and I started making music again, and in 2017 I thought I'll step back a bit and do this properly, put some energy into it, and some money and see it if it can work.

"I don't have any backing at the moment. I'm totally independent. I have no label behind me. I have links to the radio but other than that I'm on my own."

Produced by Tom Ekzyl and with lyrics written and performed by Mr Smalley, Clues?follows a young couple, in the throws of an often turbulent relationship, prone to arguments, but who always get back together.

Mr Smalley said: " The verses are about coming up and rising in life. It is motivational music in a way and it is feel good music as well, with feel good vibes."

Mr Smalley explained that he tries to keep his lyrics grounded, singing about day-to-day things, his life and experiences, and the people around him.

He said: "I also do tracks about my friends and what we have been through over the years, and what they have got up to, whether it is positive or negative.

"Sometimes a negative story is more real and you get more of a vibe from it."

Mr Smalley is hoping that the next year will be a big one for him, revealing he has an upcoming project, which is as yet untitled.

He said: "I have changed my style up for 2018. I have put a lot more effort into it than other recent releases.

"Things have happened, I have lost friends, so I have been inspired to make good music.

"This is probably the best quality music I have put out, and the last year has made me realise, with what happened, I need to put more effort in and see where I can get with music.

"I'm just going to put all my effort into music this year."

In the late 2000's Mr Smalley built up a solid reputation in free style grime before drifting away from the genre.

However, he also goes by another name, MC Smally, under which he had previously found fame in the early noughties with track That's My Name.

The infectious, and some what notorious track took off from Bolton, with lyrics soon renowned on the back seats of buses and in school playgrounds across the country.

Mr Smalley, laughed about the song's popularity adding: "It gets mentioned to me every single day, I never live it down.

"That's My Name was not my best moment, but that's where it all started for me."

Clues? is out now and available of all digital music platforms.