A FORMER care home manager who put patients at 'unwarranted risk of harm' has been struck off.

Patricia Murphy was found to be at fault for serious failings at the Four Seasons Care Home, in Breightmet.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has now issued a striking off order against Mrs Murphy, after she failed to report up to 33 accident and incident reports in 2014 and did not maintain 'safe and effective' staffing levels.

She was manager at the Breightmet Fold Lane home when it was rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after inspectors discovered a number of problems — including a crash mat covered in faeces being left in a patient's room and one nurse on a dementia unit smelling of alcohol.

A new manager was installed at the home in 2015 and more recent inspections found that improvements had been made.

The home's management said Mrs Murphy's behaviour 'went against everything we stand for as an organisation'.

She was previously issued with a suspension order by the NMC last year, but a review panel found in January that she had made 'no efforts' to engage with the disciplinary process.

Its report stated: "The panel observed that through her actions and omissions Mrs Murphy had put patients at unwarranted risk of harm by failing to recognise difficulties within the home.

"She failed to take action on them or seek support for them. Through her actions, as a nurse, she had also brought the profession into disrepute."

While Mrs Murphy was manager, the home also suffered from a scabies outbreak in which residents were treated for the highly contagious skin condition, caused by an infestation of tiny mites that burrow into the skin.

Her striking off order will come into effect from March 3.

The report said: "The panel was mindful that it did not have any information before it to suggest that Mrs Murphy has demonstrated insight into her managerial failings, or has made any attempts to remediate her practice.

"In the absence of any such information and given there have been no efforts by her to engage with this process, the panel considered that it had no basis to find any of the previous failings had been remedied or that she had achieved any insight into her failings.

"The panel considered that, while the misconduct does not appear to be attitudinal or related to clinical competence, the lack of engagement demonstrated by Mrs Murphy is a cause for concern in and of itself."

It added: "The panel determined that it was proportionate, appropriate and necessary at this stage for it to take action both to prevent Mrs Murphy from practising in the future and to adequately meet the wider public interest.

"It concluded that the only option which would meet these objectives is a striking off order."

The Four Seasons has been inspected by the CQC 10 times since 2014.

The 121-bed home was put into special measures in 2016 after a damning report revealed a catalogue of failings, including faeces being found on doors.

In its most recent inspection report, published in January, the home was given a 'requires improvement' rating.

Inspectors said that staffing levels were still 'not sufficient in some areas of the home'.

A spokesman for the home said: “The health, safety and wellbeing of the residents we support are always our top priorities.

“We were deeply disappointed by the former member of staff’s behaviour, which went against everything we stand for as an organisation, and we are pleased that the NMC has reached this decision.

“When the allegations were first brought to our attention, we acted immediately to suspend the staff member involved, notify the relevant authorities, and launch a full investigation. The individual involved was subsequently dismissed, and was referred to the NMC.

“This case is in no way representative the care provided at the home, and we remain committed to ensuring that all our staff uphold the high standards of care that residents expect and deserve.”

The Bolton News has been unable to contact Mrs Murphy for a comment.