CHURCH Wharf is one of the areas set to be improved under the council’s £1 billion transformation of Bolton.

These pictures show it will be far from the first such overhaul of the area.

‘Church Wharf’ commonly refers to the area at the foot of Church Bank, encompassing the underpass beneath the A666 and the greenery that remains around the Croal Valley.

Now mostly occupied by St Peter’s Way and the the Bury New Road interchange, the area affords an impressive view of the Parish Church - as evidenced by these photos.

The images highlight some other lost sights from days gone.

How many of our readers remember the old accumulators? Lettering on a demolition-doomed shopfront in Bolton’s Churchbank in 1967 recalls the days when these heavy batteries were needed to power radios.

Another picture shows a busy scene at Church Wharf as workmen carve the route between Bury New Road and Folds Road.

Elsewhere, a picture from 1970 shows a mucky Croal Valley bridge, around the time British Railways said they weren’t going to pay for its clean-up.

Another well-known feature of Church Wharf was the farmhouse and stables, which once housed up to 30 horses.

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