A MILKMAN had his van seized while out on his rounds because the vehicle did not have insurance.

Fortunately for the residents of Bolton, another vehicle was organised to come and complete the round because the first van was seized.

The van was spotted on Tonge Moor Road after officers had first pulled over a Vauxhall Astra on Crompton Way.

The Astra had also been seen on Tonge Moor Road and then stopped at the petrol station on Crompton Way at around 1.20am.

Police said the driver of the Astra could not provide a driver licence and was found not to have any insurance.

The vehicle was seized and the driver was reported.

The car had also been linked to several high-value drive off without paying offences and officers said inquiries were ongoing into this.

Police said inquiries are ongoing into this.

While officers were waiting for the Astra to be recovered the van was seen on Tonge Moor Road and was then stopped in Bromley Cross.

The van had been declared off road and was found to have no insurance.

Police then seized the van and reported the driver.

Fortunately for customers expecting their morning delivery, the milk was transferred to another van.

Posting on Twitter, GMP Traffic police said: "No one will go without milk today."