THE NEW operator behind Radcliffe Market has been revealed.

Jodie Bannister, who runs Farrars Cafe, in the marketplace, and Ricky Davies, of Impact Management Solutions (IMS), will take over the day-to-day running of the market hall.

Councillors revealed last week that after talks with eight interested operators they had chosen one to take over the Blackburn Street market.

Mr Davies said: “We are delighted to have won the tender to manage Radcliffe Market Hall.

“We have ambitious plans for this wonderful civic space.

"We feel that, while the traditional market has suffered a downturn in recent years, the success of Friday Food Nights and Farrar’s Café there and the flourishing of food-led markets elsewhere shows that there is a great deal of interest in an innovative and imaginative offering."

As part of the operating agreement the council will not receive rent from IMS but instead will receive a share of operating surpluses once costs, including staffing, have been covered.

The council intends that the takeover will mean the market is budget neutral for the authority.

In December fears were raised about the future of the market as despite a £1 million refurbishment in November 2015 it continued to decline and stall holders left.

The council’s agreement with IMS stipulates they must hold markets on at least three days each week, run the day to day management, repair and maintain the building and issue licences to stallholders.

Mr Davies said: “We will operate this space so that it’s much more than a 5-day market. We intend for there to be activity and attraction 7 days a week staging events, speciality markets which will create local jobs, enterprise and lots of community initiatives throughout the annual calendar.

“Our ambition is to promote healthy food, develop low carbon sustainable food supply and celebrate the best of this area’s produce, services and culture.”

Brendan Farrington who runs a shoe repair stall in Radcliffe Market said he and many of the other traders had a lot of faith in Ms Bannister.

Mr Farrington said: “I’m more than happy with Jodie and her partner taking over. Anyone that’s going to manage the market, they are going to have to make it work.

“I think Jodie will put a new kind of angle on it, which it needs because traditional markets are falling apart. It needs a little edge and selling point and I think Jodie can probably do it.”

Bury council leader Rishi Shori, said: “Radcliffe is changing, and so are markets, and we want Radcliffe Market Hall to change with it.

“Major developments have taken place, and more are planned, around the market hall and the town centre.

“We want to take advantage of these developments and see the market as crucial to the town’s ongoing regeneration.”