A LITTLE girl with autism has been left devastated’ after her beloved pet cat went missing earlier this week.

Five-year-old Nancy Andrews’ therapy cat Leo has not been back to his home, in Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, since Sunday evening.

He was last seen in the area around Arnold Road, close to The Flag pub.

Now Nancy’s heartbroken mum Melanie is calling on neighbours to be on the lookout for the two-year-old ragdoll cat her daughter has a special bond with.

She has also issued a plea to anyone who may have information on the cat’s whereabouts to come forward.

Mrs Andrews,who lives opposite Fireglow, says that since Leo went missing Nancy has been distraught and unable to settle.

She said: “She is distressed. She didn’t eat he tea last night or have her breakfast this morning. She keeps looking out of the window, pointing and doing the sign for stroking.

“It’s awful, it’s knocked me sick. I would do anything to get him back, I just want him home.”

And she adds that Leo is the ‘best thing’ she has ever been able to bring into Nancy’s life.

She said: “He calms her down straight away. As soon as she sees him her little face lights up, whether she is using her iPad or having her tea. She is so gentle with him. He is the only thing she has had any connection with. “

She continued: “He understands Nancy, he even sleeps with her, and when she comes back from school on the bus he is sitting waiting for her.

“He is so big, he’s like a big teddy bear. he is perfect for , there’s just something about him that ‘gets’ Nancy and always has done.

Mrs Andrews saw Leo sitting on a wall in Arnold Road on Sunday but he did not come in to be fed as usual on Monday morning.She was not worried at first, but by Tuesday had concerned that hae could have been injured or lost.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Leo should call Mrs Andrews on 01204 480156 or 07964 988013